How to Use the BulSU Web Portal?

Payment Options and Procedures

You may select one of the three payment options below.

Cash Payment at the University Cashier's Office

Payment through any Landbank branch nationwide.

  1. Bring your Assessment Form to pay your tuition fee or Certificate of Registration to pay your balances.
  2. Fill out the oncoll payment slip, the landbank personnel will guide you as you finish this step.

    BulSU Account no. 2792-2220-24

Pay online through the Landbank ePayment Portal.

  1. Go to the Landbank ePayment Portal Page.
  2. From the option provided at the leftmost portion, select Pay Bills.

  3. At the search field, type "Bulacan State University" and Bulacan State University on the search result.

  4. Choose the type of the fee that you will pay.

  5. Fill-out all the required fields, click Submit.

    Please take note that your payment options are limited to Landbank Debit Card, BancNet Debit Cards, and Globe GCash.
  6. Your Transaction Details & Payment Summary will appear, double check its details

  7. Input your ATM account number as well as your joint account indicator.
  8. Input your ATM pin on the Pin Pad & select submit.