How to Use the BulSU Web Portal?

Payment Options and Procedures

The following are the payment options and procedures that a BulSU student can use in settling their school charges.

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Cash Payment at the University Cashier's Office

This option may not be available as of the moment because of the existing condition.

Payment through any Landbank branch nationwide.

Before proceeding to the Landbank Branch, make sure that you were able to print the details of your outstanding balance that can be found in BulSU Student Portal.

  1. Proceed to the Landbank Branch of your choice.
  2. Fill-out an ONCOLL PAYMENT SLIP.
  3. DO NOT USE A DEPOSIT SLIP since it cannot capture your student details
    1. Merchant / Agency Deposit Account Number: 2792 – 2220 – 24
    2. Merchant / Agency Name: BULACAN STATE UNIVERSITY
    3. Reference Number 1: Your Student Number
  4. Wait for the bank teller to call your queuing number then tender your payment, the filled-out Oncoll Payment Slip, and the print-out of your outstanding balance.
  5. Received the validated Oncoll Payment Slip from the bank teller.
  6. Email the latter document at
  7. Make sure that the document is readable

Pay online through the Landbank ePayment Portal.

  1. Go to the Landbank ePayment Portal Page.
  2. Click on the PAY NOW option.

  3. From the Merchant List click letter B.
  4. Select Bulacan State University, then click CONTINUE.
  5. Select the applicable transaction type.

    College of Law, College of Nursing, Graduate School and Highschool have a specific transaction type. All other colleges should choose the option (SCHOOL FEE – OTHER COURSES).
  6. Select from the following payment options:

    1. Landbank (if you have a Landbank Account which is enrolled in their online banking facility)
    2. Bancnet (Other bank accounts under Bancnet)
    3. Cash payment (i.e. 7-Eleven Convenient Store)

  7. Follow the succeeding instructions and provide all the required information.

  8. Print or take a screenshot of the receipt or confirmation of your payment.
  9. Email the latter document at
  10. Make sure that the document is readable