How to Use the BulSU Web Portal?

Register as Faculty

  1. BulSU faculty i.e. instructors must secure their 4-digit grade encoding system account at the MIS Office. If you already have your account, go to and sign in using your 4-digit account.

    Please note that you have to sign in at the sign in page and not at the register page

  2. You will be prompted to input your BULSU E-mail Address and create a new password to authenticate your account (personal e-mail addresses will be rejected by the system). Your pre-generated e-mail address format will be your first name along with your last name. Please see the example below.

    If you don’t have a BulSU e-mail, please proceed to the MIS Office to create one.
  3. You will be prompted to validate your email address by signing it in at Google Mail. Once validated, you can now sign in to your Web Portal Account using your BulSU e-mail address and the password that you have saved.