How to Use the BulSU Web Portal?


Each student is only entitled to create and activate one account using their respective student numbers. Creating multiple accounts using the same student number will not be activated.
  1. Log-in to your Profile Page. If you haven't created your account yet, please register here.
  2. Click the ADVISING tab on the left side of your student account.
  3. Upon clicking the advising tab, you will access your enrollment information, make sure that all fields are properly accomplished.
  4. Click the Advising tab on the upper right corner of your enrollment information, then click Proceed to Advising.
  5. Select your section and check the schedules of your subjects. After checking, click Accept Advised Subjects to proceed.
  6. Click the Advising tab on the upper right corner again. This time, click Proceed to Enrollment.
  7. Your registration shall be completed and your Assessed Fees and click the Print button. The printed form shall serve as your Assessment Form which should be submitted upon payment.
  8. To complete your enrollment, you can pay at the BulSU Cashier's Office or pay online thru Landbank ePayment Portal.